Slab Cover Manufacturer

Slab Cover Manufacturer In Mumbai, India :
We are Slab Cover manufacturer in Mumbai. We also provide Slab Cover manufacturer in India.
They are used for bottom application to main reinforcement in slabs providing cover to main reinforcement. They are designed for easy loading and full proof locking of reinforcement.
We are offering Slab Cover. We are tied up between the centering and the ring for spacing between the slab. As they are dye molded each cover is of the equal size and thus the slab is leveled and does not get rough. Slab Cover are strong enough to bear the weight of the trolley and the labors running over the slab and does not break or move.


  • Size :- 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm.
  • Usage :- 35 nos in 10 * 10 m²